Contents of Brad Bird’s Mysterious “Tomorrowland” Photo!

by Brian Curran on February 4, 2013

There is a lot of mystery behind director Brad Bird’s upcoming film “Tomorrowland” set to star George Clooney. Recently a photo of a old box labeled “1952” found it’s way online. D23 and The Walt Disney Archives have a cool feature on the mysterious box and it’s contents.

Press Release:

D23 and The Walt Disney Archives Decipher the Contents of Brad Bird’s Mysterious “Tomorrowland” Photo!

Disney Fans, Twitter followers, and the media have been speculating on the contents of a perplexing box labeled “1952,” since Pixar Animation Studios writer/director Brad Bird and screenwriter/producer David Lindelof posted photos of this curious container on their personal Twitter accounts on January 23. Last week, The Walt Disney Studios announced the film, which will release on December 19, 2014, is now titled Tomorrowland (it was previously known as 1952).  But what do the box’s contents reveal?   D23: The Official Disney Fan Club called upon the Walt Disney Archives’ director Becky Cline to examine the box’s contents. Check out the complete story on to see 12 interesting items she uncovered!

D23 Tomorrowland-1