SWW Jedi Training Academy (Hasbro)

The “Jedi Training Academy” show takes place several times throughout the day near the entrance to Star Tours. At Disney-Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL, where Star Wars Weekends will again be held in may of 2009, the show occurs on a stage themed to look like the bunker on Endor, just in front of the 35-foot-tall AT-AT Walker.

Children are selected from the public, dressed in Padawan robes, and given a crash course in lightsaber technique by a Disney Cast Member portraying the Jedi Master. Those skills come in handy all too soon when Darth Vader arrives on the scene, usually heralded by his Stormtroopers, providing the younglings a chance to match sabers with the Dark Lord. The show is great fun and draws large crowds at each performance, since the interaction with the children makes every show unique.

The action figure set will be manufactured by Hasbro and retail for $39.95. Although some of the body molds are repurposed from existing figures, the heads of the four Jedi appear to be all-new sculpts.

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