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Kris Van de Sande

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Who are we?

With a team of eight international dedicated journalists, we bring news from all corners of the leisure and entertainment industry.

EndorExpress.net was started on August 31st, 2002 by Kris on Geocities as VLPS’ Star Tours Page. A tribute to the 1987 collaboration between Disney and George Lucas.

The site became popular quite fast, so the site moved to a series of different hosts, but was rapidly outgrowing each server. March 2003 Kris joined Belgian Star Wars collective BeJedi. Followed by our first editors, who joined the site.

A year later, July 2004, Kris joined the Rebelscum.com team, and the site got reincarnated as SWStarTours.net.

This proved to be a real accelerator as the site remained to grow each day, both in content as in visitors.

After this period of growth, it was time for the final rebranding, and EndorExpress.net was born.

Our main focus has been, and will be Star Tours. However, the story continued, with Indiana Jones, and other related properties. Thus we decided to cover everything that excites us in the current Themed Entertainment industry. 

Staff & Contributors

Kris Van de Sande

Founder, Editor-In-Chief & Photographer

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Being a Star Wars fan since the first seconds of a taped VHS copy ofThe Empire Strikes Back, Kris never lost much of his enthusiasm for the intergalactic saga. This continued when he learned his way on the internet. From the huge range of places, organisations and characters to pick in the saga, it was a tiny travel agency in the universe that got his attention and love.

That travel agency turned out to be Star Tours, the popular Disney Star Wars attraction. In 2002, he created a small Geocities website, that grew exponentially, and ultimately evolved in EndorExpress.Net, the premier source for Star Tours on the internet.

Kris works as an internationally published and award-winning freelance photographer in the entertainment and leisure industry.

Kris’s portfolio

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Brian Curran

Managing Editor, Researcher & Photographer

Location: California, USA

A lifelong Star Wars and Disney fan. Brian grew up in California where his family would often make trips to Disneyland. In 1987 he took his first “Trip to Endor” and doesn’t pass on a chance to go back! Brian reported from Star Wars Celebration 4 in Los Angeles and most recently the D23 Expo in Anaheim for the site.

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David Yeh

Senior Reporter & Photographer

Location: California, USA

As a long time fan of all things Disney as well as Lucasfilm, David found his second home at Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth, where both worlds could be found together in one place. He began contributing to the site as merely “the toy guy” as someone who collects, you guessed it, Disney and Star Wars collectibles.

His first major story for EndorExpress was an interview with Star Tours and Indiana Jones Adventure composer Richard Bellis. That experience led to interviews with Tom Fitzgerald and Marianne McLean of Walt Disney Imagineering and most recently composer Michael Giacchino.

The majority of the time David can be found covering the day-to-day activities at the Disneyland Resort in California.

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Alex Newborn

Researcher & Editor

Location: Alabama, USA

Alex is a lifelong fan of the original Star Wars trilogy and everything Disney, so his obsession with Star Tours comes as no surprise. He wrote the Star Tours article in Star Wars Insider #104 (and the Star Wars Holiday Special in Insider #106)

Alex has visited Walt Disney World in Orlando once per decade of his life (70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s). He rode Star Tours twice on one fateful day in 1991 and rode it four more times in October 2007 with his wife and two sons. “Actually,” says Alex, “I spent so long in the queue videotaping everything, they rode it an additional time without me, so they almost caught up to my total.”

Alex turned 40 in January 2010, and reports that his family has already begun pestering him for the ‘fifth decade’ trip.

Alex is always looking for more rare Star Tours audio and video clips.

Paul Hruby

Senior Reporter

Location: California, USA

Paul has been obsessed with Star Wars ever since being dragged by a friend to see a new movie where “things blow up in space!” Since then, he has been collecting and customizing Star Wars figures and ships. His other love is Disneyland and he looks for any excuse to go. He enjoys the atmosphere and rides the parks is famous for. Finally, he enjoys weekend excursions to Endor but wishes that Disney would finally install an experienced pilot droid so he could actually GET to Endor for once.

Kris Van de Sande

Nick Parker

Reporter & Photographer

Location: Florida, USA

Been a fan since he was born, Nick grew up with the prequels and the clone wars, but HIS very first Star Wars movie is as Star Wars, before it was called A New Hope. He not only got to love Star Wars, but to LIVE it. Nick was opening team attractions at Walt Disney World for the Star Wars launch bay in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! He spent his shift battling with lightsabers or helping those join the resistance or the first order. A avid collector of black series and his favorite, the lightsabers.


Dennis Van Tiel

Web Designer

Dennis keeps EndorExpress running and optimised on all your devices.

Kit Molaison

Motion Designer

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Younger then the original Star Wars trilogy but regardless a huge fan, Kit Molaison got his first taste of Star wars from the Empire Strike Back NES game, from that he fell in love the movies, and began a massive collection of Star Wars memorobilia, he may possibly be the only perosn two have all three of the Star Wars Special Edition 600ML Pepsi bottles from 1996 still sealed! In 2000 Kit ventured to Disney World with his parents and blasted off for a trip to Endor, which began the love affair with Star Tours. When he went back home to Hoth, er Canada, Kit wanted to ride it again and again, and in the age before Youtube this was not possible by any sort. Finding an audio file of the ride he used his memory and various screenshots to make a flash cartoon version of the entire experience. At first the cartoon was crude but eventually his skills got better and the cartoon is almost shot for shot a perfect recreation of the ride (Well, as real as a cartoon can get anyhow) Kit lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife and daughter, and has yet to return to a Disney Park for RX-24’s Wild Ride.

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