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Although she only worked at Star Tours briefly, safety spokesperson Vesia Treacy is immortalized as the familiar face, gentle voice, and distinctive hairdo of the pre-boarding video announcer.

Born on Chandrila and raised on Alderaan, Vesia and her diplomat parents were luckily vacationing on Naboo when Grand Moff Tarkin demonstrated the first Death Star’s prime weapon for Leia Organa. This good fortune developed an understandable fondness for travel in the young Vesia. When the tyrannical Empire was overthrown and replaced by the New Republic, Vesia sought employment in the fledgling travel and tourism fields… though she channeled her outrage at Alderaan’s destruction and other Imperial cruelties into subtle political statements such as her traditional Alderaan hairstyle.

Her supervisors at Star Tours recognized in their newest Astro Attendant all the qualities that might make her a good holo-spokesperson: natural beauty, gentle manner, and remarkable poise and elegance for someone so young. Her knowledge of travel routes and safety procedures were equally impressive.

Shortly after the pre-boarding safety video was recorded, Vesia learned from internal debriefing memos (conducted with rookie pilot, spunky astromech, and shaken passengers) that the remnants of the Empire had built yet another Death Star. She resigned within days and began her new career, in politics, where she became an outspoken champion of causes such as refugee relocation and bans on the use of super-weapons.

To this day, Vesia says that people often recognize her in public and can quote her safety spiel to her from memory. She always smiles and thanks them for flying with Star Tours.

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Behind the scenes

The actress in this video at Disneyland and Disney Hollywood Studios is Stephanie Taylor. (source WDI)

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