Nathaniel Maloney
The Edge of the Galaxy

A remote system located on the fringes of the Outer Rim, The Edge of the Galaxy is home to the newest and most exotic resort. With Star Tours’ Family Adventure Package, you and your family too can experience frontier living.

Included in this package are pod-style rooms for the entire family at the Rodon Value Pod Hotel,* a tour of the state-of-the-art Solar Power Plant, planetary picnics, alien get-antiquated parties, and an overnight stay at the Space Observatory. Finally, skim asteroids in your very own personal Rent-a-Speeder. All of this and more, only on The Edge of the Galaxy.

*Pet accommodations available.

Behind the scenes

The Tourscan advertisement for The Edge of the Galaxy was actually reused footage from the Brava Centauri ending segment from Horizons, a now-defunct Epcot ride, which focused on the concept of space colonization.

The models used in all three of Horizon’s ending segments were designed, constructed, and filmed by Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope special effects veteran David Jones, while the Brava Centauri sequence was created with input from Princeton physicist Gerald K. O’Neill. Additionally, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory was consulted regarding growing crystals for semiconductors in space.

Nathaniel Maloney
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