Paul Reubens Signing For Wattographs

Due to a technical problem with the site we were unable to post about this unique event. Our friends over at Wattographs, one of the leading names in autograph collecting secured a special signing with the Starspeeder 3000 pilot himself Captain Rex. You were able to secure signatures from Paul Reubens as RX-24 (a Hasbro Action figure), or several pictures of various of his roles, including his most known, ‘Pee-Wee Herman’. Unfortunately the fan response was greater than anticipated and all of their Rex items sold out. They hope to have him sign more later in the year. Hop over to Wattographs for more details.

Gary X
Known to the rest of the civilized world as Gary Price, Gary X is one of the foremost collectors and experts on autographs from the Star Wars films. He is the founder of, having splintered it off from the highly popular Autograph Central website in 2000. His Star Wars autograph expertise (and second-to-none rolodex of Star Wars actors) found Topps Trading Cards calling on him to help get the 25 signers for their Evolution card set. Gary X is also the author of the forthcoming Collecting the Autographs of Star Wars: A Reference Guide. He is also recognized as a “super collector” contributor to the Star Wars Super Collector’s Wish Book by Todd Carlson, providing autograph pricing and articles. Gary X handles most site content, celebrity signings and non-database-related programming. He resides in the Denver, Colorado area.