MR goes to Disneyland!

Darth_Hideous shares some Toy Fair images. Images that will sure raise some interest among Disneyana Collectors.

Master Replicas, known from the Star Wars Lightsaber replicas has recently acquired a Disney Licence. This has resulted in props like a Cursed Coin from Pirates of the Carribean. Now MR is releasing 2 other pieces of POTC goodies. Jack Sparrow’s Ring, and a statue/diorama of Jack in his best scene from the movie (or so in our opinion).

Now you are wondering, what is so special about that? Well, POTC is an attraction, just like Star Tours is, and it is Disney. But there is another item coming out that is bringing you back to memory lane in instants! It is a statue/diorama from the original entrance of Disneyland!

When asked MR of their plans next, we got the reply “We are going to Disneyland”. (Well, not really, but I just had to say it ;).) Thanks to Darth_Hideous for the images!

The Author: Kris Van de Sande

As an international photographer, Kris encounters many sides of the entertainment business. Passionated by Star Tours, he founded EndorExpress in 2002.

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