Kris Van de Sande Tours The Discovery Science Center

Just a few exits down the freeway from the Disneyland Resort. The Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, California is currently host to the exhibit Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination. This exhibit runs through April 15th.

When you exit the freeway you can not miss The Cube.

Posters and banners of familiar faces greet you in the parking lot.

While my goal for the visit was to view the Star Wars exhibit. My four year old son was with me and he had a blast running around the Dino Quest Adventure. (He also loved the Star Wars exhibit & the Dora and Diego area)

Dino Quest Field Office

T-Rex fossil

A Long Time Ago….

Millennium Falcon model

X-wing model

Close-up of X-wing model


Padme costume from Attack of the Clones.

Luke’s Landspeeder

Star Tours what are you doing here?



Stormtrooper costume & Clonetrooper model

Mace Windu costume, Yoda & Jedi Training remote

Galactic Imports shop

Yoda watching the store.

A New hope…

Star Wars Where Science Meets Imagination book

The Millennium Falcon Experience takes you on a tour of our galaxy and is narrated by Anthony Daniels.

We spent about two hours visiting the Cube and probably could have spent another hour exploring. The Center closed at 5pm. I will definitely take my son back to The Discovery Science Center on my next trip to Southern California. If you are in the area I would recommend you visit. Please enjoy more photographs in the gallery below.

For more information on the Discovery Science Center please visit

Special thanks to Dan Nasitka

Brian Curran
A Star Wars Fan since 1977 when he was just 2. Brian grew up in California where his family would often make trips to Disneyland. In 1987 he took his first “Trip to Endor” and doesn’t pass on a chance to go back! He also enjoys going to Conventions and meeting the actors from the Star Wars films.