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Star Tours: The Adventures Get Restrictions

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is back in the news, but we aren’t just talking about the new destination landing on Friday (we’ll have a review of that experience after we ride). According to a rumour posted by WDW News Today, the ride will no longer mix and mingle different Star Wars timelines into the same ride. Before, you could start off on Hoth but end up on Naboo, or start on Kashyyyk and end up on the Death Star. The randomness of it all led many of us to joke about the Starspeeder acting as a Time Machine, complete with fully functional Flux Capacitor, a nod to Back to the Future. It was still fun but hardcore guests would often wonder when the ride was taking place in the Star Wars timeline.

Kris Van de Sande

When the ride relaunches this Friday with the new scene from The Last Jedi, the entire ride experience according to WDW News Today will stay completely in the realm of Episode 7 and 8. Meaning you’ll encounter Finn on Jakku and a hologram from BB-8 in addition to the new scene featuring the planet Crait. This way all fans coming to Star Tours during the theatrical release of The Last Jedi will be able to enjoy the new scenes from the most recent films every time they ride.

At a later unconfirmed date, the ride will return to a more randomized adventure but stay within certain timelines. Guests will either have a prequel adventure, original trilogy adventure, or perhaps now the new trilogy adventure.  While we’ll miss the fun of completely randomized rides, this isn’t all that bad if indeed true.

Kris Van de Sande Will these signs be updated and guide you to your adventure?

So what do you think of the possibility of this change? Let us know! We’ll bring you more news and updates as we hear them, and look for our review of the latest version of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue later this week!

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