Frozen Royal Reception

Frozen Royal Reception

Disney’s animated film FROZEN has been rocking the box-office since it opened Thanksgiving week and shows no sign of slowing down.

Meanwhile, at Disneyland, the Frozen Royal Reception has been as popular as a meet & greet can be, with waits up to 120 minutes!  The movie itself is 108 minutes long so that’s no small wait for royalty.

Brian Curran | EndorExpress

Outside, Disney has placed an impressive audio-animatronic figure of Olaf (Josh Gad) who talks, sings, blinks, and even naps for all to see.  It’s an amazing piece of detail that makes this “temporary” meet & greet all the better.

Brian Curran | EndorExpress

Inside, guests can pose with Elsa, the Snow Queen and Princess Anna. There’s plenty of baked goods and treats (all fake) on display int he room so it’s a nice bit of ambiance for the leading ladies of Frozen.

I do wonder though, why a walk-around character of Olaf wasn’t done. Or even one of Kristoff for that matter. Regardless, it’s great to see Disney have such a hit and it reflecting directly in the parks as well.

Frozen is in theaters now.

Photography by David Yeh

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