World Of Color Blue Carpet

World Of Color Blue Carpet

Thursday night was a big night for Disney California Adventure and a milestone in entertainment for the Disneyland Resort.   The World of Color, the new nighttime spectacular brings classic Disney and popular Pixar characters to life in a dazzling spectacle with fountains, projections, lasers, fire, and music.   As the newest member of “Summer Nightastic!”, the show was given the “blue” carpet treatment with many big Disney names in attendance.
  • Richard Sherman, original song writer for Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color

  • Jason Segel

  • Disneyland President George Kalogridis

  • Teri Hatcher greets fans

  • Vanessa Hudgens walks past her fans

  • Tom Staggs, Chairman, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

  • Jamie Lee Curtis

  • Jodi Benson, voice of Ariel

  • Wayne Brady


Also entertaining the media and guests was Disney’s latest pre-show entertainment, carnivale-style puppets that represent four different colors.  Genie takes on blue, Mike Wazowski green, Lumiere yellow, and Sebastian red.
Mickey Mouse and top Disney Brass kicked off the show, which is truly a must-see.
  • Genie
  • Mike Wazowski
  • Lumiere
  • Sebastian

Congratulations to Steven Davison and his crew!




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