Kris Van de Sande
The New

Just like Star Tours is about to relaunch their new adventures, so does our website. A brand new theme with elements based on the old themes.

The first thing that’s noticeable, is the new navigation and header image.  The idea, according to Kris, the creator and webmaster of the site: “Star Tours is a very visual experience. After you rode it, you want to go again, and again, and again. But unfortunately for many of us it’s just not easy to go to one of the parks. Be it budget wise, or plain simple a distance problem. While researching new articles, I have found that the one thing lacking from our site, is big nice photography. That’s why the site was analysed, and the content and pictures brought to a whole new level”. Header images for features and pages will often feature new and big images, while the navigation will always be in reach, without being intrusive.

One of the future new features, is a completely updated Database, with 6 possible Star Tours variations as we know them. (The original ones in their 4 locations, and the 2 new updated ones).

The entire site is also designed with Tablet use in mind, so the Star Tours experience will be ready for you, wherever and whenever you are.

Apart from a new look, you can stay tuned for the very latest of Star Tours news.

Thank you for flying with us.

The Staff.

PS: We do have tested the website on various platforms and operating systems, but if people do find bugs, feel free to share these with the staff. We are aware of certain older stories have problems displaying their images. These will be dealt with in due time. Thanks

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