Star Tours Update Rumours

Lately, there has been some rumours that Star Tours will get its long-needed revamp.

Hey, Al… just wondering if you have heard the deal with Star Tours. I haven’t seen anything about it on the site, and I would think it might be of interest. I mean, you have all the minor changes (like cleaner films on the side screens, working animatronics of Captain Rex, some new lights here and there. But those don’t warrant much attention.

But the new displays on the main status board in the first room of the queue (below the screen)… those sure are of interest.

“”Star Tours Expands Service: Soon Endor Won’t Be The End-All”” Sure sounds like they’re actually working on the new films, doesn’t it???.

Note that every Star Tours in the world is slowly seeing renewal it seems. And possibly even Florida after those hurricanes. Paris has seen much already but could use a bit more. And Anaheim.. you see it, also it now has W I D E R seats they said. And some new panels have been added in the Front Maintenance Bay (Including the new display). Stay tuned for the latest info as we receive it.

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