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While browsing the web, I found this rumour that they are updating Star Tours right now. At least certain parts. However, they are just rumours they provide an interesting read. Original conversation here at Mouseplanet

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It’s about time. This attraction just didn’t need FP. Unless they were to update the videos and technology.

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Which apparently they have No plans to do.

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*** Actually they do and have had plans to update Tours. Word around the starspeeder is that there may be a new safety video coming as well as decorum…there was talk about a new ride film (which in essence would provide a new attraction practically) but it seems as though that was either scrapped or put on hold. The FP for Tours really could be necessary especially with the onset of summer…The powers that be had tested different configurations for it (FP) with what seemed to be different reactions. All I know is that it was a pain to work with…
The only thing that frustrates me is the TRAFFIC into Tomorrowland just after Astro on either side
… ugh!

So we will see what they DID do quite soon. Stay tuned!

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