Date for Star Tours Grand Opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Date for Star Tours Grand Opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Today Disney announced the date for the Grand Opening of Star Tours The Adventures Continue at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. May 20 2011

No date has been announced for the opening at Disneyland.

“just in time for Star Wars Weekends.”

The Author: Brian Curran

A Star Wars Fan since 1977 when he was just 2. Brian grew up in California where his family would often make trips to Disneyland. In 1987 he took his first “Trip to Endor” and doesn’t pass on a chance to go back! He also enjoys going to Conventions and meeting the actors from the Star Wars films.

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  1. Pablo
    Feb 7, 2011

    I guess ST in Disneyland should oprn somewhere in april cuz since that one closed before the hollywood studios so it can be equal. It’s not fair for Walt disney World’s to have a shorter time of closing than the Disneyland one :(.
    Warning: I am not spoiled. I’m more democratic, I want things fair. D:

  2. Pablo
    Feb 7, 2011

    sorry, I mean open not oprn. it was a typo!

  3. jakob
    Feb 11, 2011

    pretty sure they will open at the begging of May or june. that’s when they always open up disneyland attractions. for instance nemo opened june 9th so maybe startours will be june idk but they need to update us soon!

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