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New Star Tours Destinations to be Revealed

Tom Fitzgerald, Executive VP & Senior Creative Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering posted on Disney Parks Blog:

“Recently, we talked about the characters you’ll meet in Star Tours – The Adventures Continue. Since then, there’s been a lot of speculation about where we’ll meet those characters. Well, stay tuned. While the Star Tours Company does fly to many destinations (as you can see in the attached image – especially if you read Aurebesh) we’ll soon give you the flight list for our show!”

Our good friend Gary X was kind enough to translate for us (read more)

Destination         Flight     Time      Status                   Gate

Tatooine              712         0745       Gate Change

Coruscant            1138       0910       On Time

Tatooine              324         1045       On Time

Endor                    611         1100       Delayed

Coruscant            208         1245       On Time

Alderaan              716         1315       See Agent

Corsuscant          1010       1415       On Time

Alderaan              1112       1645       See Agent

Endor                    903         1945       Delayed

Brian Curran

Image © Disney/Lucasfilm

Brian Curran
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