EndorExpress is looking for photographers

EndorExpress is looking for photographers

Have an annual pass to your local Disney Theme Park and looking for something more to do? EndorExpress is looking for good Photographers in Florida, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong to cover various events at the Disney theme parks worldwide. Joining our team could possibly lead to getting sneak peeks to new attractions and press events. Please contact us immediately if you’re ready to board.

Photographers must have a Digital SLR camera and know how to use it! Good writing skills also a must.

Contact: Kris

  • email: kris@endorexpress.net

The Author: David Yeh

A long time fan of both Disney and Star Wars, he has a hard time resisting the temptations of Disney’s merchandising force. If you see pictures of the toys and pins, you can bet they are from Dave, our resident collecting guru.

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  1. Pablo
    Sep 14, 2010

    since ur looking for good photograghers in Florida, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, why not California.

  2. David Yeh
    Sep 14, 2010

    California is the only area where we’re not lacking in the help department.

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