Kris Van de Sande
Star Tours in miniature

Every now and then you’ll stumble upon something that makes you go “hey cool!”.  Well here’s something by artist Eric Walls that might just fall into that category.  Walls was an aspiring Imagineer when he built this recreation of the original Star Tours in Disneyland, CA.  It was completed in 1989 and measures 19″ in length, 7″ deep, and at its tallest spire is 5.5″.

Check out more of Eric Walls’ fun miniature of Star Tours here or visit his blog for more fun stuff!
David Yeh
A long time fan of both Disney and Star Wars, he has a hard time resisting the temptations of Disney’s merchandising force. If you see pictures of the toys and pins, you can bet they are from Dave, our resident collecting guru.