33 Years of Star Tours Posters

33 Years of Star Tours Posters

For thirty-two years, Star Tours was the only game in town for Star Wars-themed rides. And now that it turns thirty-three on January 9th, we thought it would be fun to revisit the posters that has supported this film-based attraction over the years. Some have been available for purchase and some have not. Let’s light speed through memory lane shall we?

Kicking things off is a promotional poster from 1987 seen by employees of Walt Disney Imagineering, days before the attraction would open to the public. Isn’t it cute how the Star Speeder is just a small shape right there?

There have been many posters and paintings over the years that feature Star Tours in varying degrees, we’re posting this one because it was the first. Painted by artist Charles Boyer, it was created through a partnership with PSA Airlines. 1,000 of these were made so there’s a decent chance you have one if you were around.


For many, one of the oldest posters to take home was this one featuring everyone’s favorite droids. At the time, it really WAS the ultimate adventure!

Still the best Star Tours attraction poster ever created was the one that greeted you right at the front of the queue. They sold this briefly at the Print On Demand kiosks, but only the Disneyland Paris version was sold. Here’s a look at the Tokyo Disneyland version.

Another poster that has made the rounds is this one, showing the Star Speeder dodging explosions… seemingly caused by the fireworks display over Disneyland (haha). Did you know this poster was also used to celebrate the one year anniversary of the ride by Oldsmobile? At the time, they were the “world’s fastest moving car company”.

Perhaps some of the best Star Tours posters didn’t feature the Starspeeder 3000 at all! Sold at Disneyland when Star Tours opened were these travel posters to the various planets of the original trilogy. Note that there’s two for Endor. Which ones do you have?

We didn’t want to focus on the advertisements but hey, why not? Check out the concept art version of Chewbacca riding in the Starspeeder!

This ad is significant only because it was the first poster made featuring the use of photography. Used for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, it truly IS the most amazing ride in the universe!

Coming out of left field is this poster from Walt Disney World, commemorating the grand opening of Star Tours at Disney-MGM Studios in 1990 despite the ride opening in December of 1989. Oh, M&M’s…

In 2009, D23 Expo guests were the first to learn about a brand new Star Tours experience coming in 2011. Even better, they were given one of three variations of “Star Tours II” poster featuring Darth Vader, Yoda, or C-3PO, all characters coming to the new attraction. (We went with C-3PO, not realizing he would become our future pilot).

The attraction inevitably had to close and one of the older Star Tours posters got reused in Florida for the LAST TRIP TO ENDOR. Oh look, R2-D2 is playing chicken with Star Tours! (Photo by: partyhare/flikr)

Leading up to the launch of the new Star Tours, you can find various billboards on display…

2011 came at last and Star Tours became Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. This brand new poster was made available for purchase in a variety of sizes at the time of launch, BUT prior to launch, a RE-LAUNCHING version of the poster was on display at the Disneyland entrance.

In Japan, guests were able to take home merchandise with artwork that resembled this piece below.

When the new attraction opened in 2011, there were also new artwork created for miscellaneous merchandise featuring some of the newer planets you visit, but ironically, we never go to Bespin and no longer went to Endor.

2015 marked the first new update to Star Tours since the relaunch, going to nowhere aka Jakku. This poster hung at the entrance to Disneyland and on banners at Disney World but was not made available for purchase.

At the D23 Expo 2017, the 30th anniversary Star Tours meant an exclusive poster for sale. Here’s a look at the styles featuring different colors.

With the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in December 2017, came another update to Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, this time to the planet Crait. This poster also hasn’t been made available for purchase.

And lastly, the latest poster created for Star Tours with the release of The Rise of Skywalker, is a new attraction poster of the Star Speeder 1000 over the planet Exegol. This poster from 2019, is not available for purchase.

And last but not least, we made our very own fan poster featuring our favorite Star Tours pilot, Captain Rex, inspired by the character posters from Solo: A Star Wars Story…

Happy 33rd Birthday, Star Tours!

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