Coca-Cola Droid/Carts Finally Arrive at Batuu (West)

Coca-Cola Droid/Carts Finally Arrive at Batuu (West)

When Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened in Walt Disney World, one noticeable feature that wasn’t present in the West Coast launch were the very cool Coca-Cola Outdoor Vending carts featuring Astromech Droids. Painted in all the familiar colors, they were a hit, making the planet Batuu that much more unique. Over the past weekend they finally showed up at Disneyland in Anaheim, plussing the new land one Coke at a time.

There’s a total of THREE Coca-Cola carts located in the usual locations you’d find the Coca-Cola vendors before (Near Resistance Outpost, Salju’s Garage, and near the First Order encampment) and the Cast Members have given them a different name, quite different than the counterparts in Florida, I might add.

The cart closest to ‘Rise of the Resistance’ is named J1-KC.

Over by Salju’s Garage (where the Landspeeder is parked), you’ll find J2-KC.

J3-KC (see the pattern yet?) is near the First Order encampment and the Milk Stand.

Now, you’re probably wondering by now, “Where’s the Diet Coke one? Where’s the Sprite?” There’s two carts that operate as delivery carts that are themed to Sprite and Diet Coke. These carts feature the more familiar ‘R2’ style astromechs.

J4-KC is the Sprite delivery cart pictured below making a delivery and in transit. It’s a shame the wheels couldn’t be better disguised, but we’re pretty happy we even got this level of plussing at this point.

And here below is a look at the Diet Coke delivery cart, J5-KC. Photo by DapsMagic.

It’s curious that the naming convention used in Anaheim doesn’t follow any traditional rules set by Star Wars lore. Walt Disney World’s Coca-Cola carts are more appropriately named with the ‘R5’ call number (R5-619, R5-SVN, R5-829, etc).

At any rate, we’re pretty happy that Batuu West finally upped their game in the Outdoor Vending arena. Now if we can get more aliens, droids, and ships flying around, it’d really feel like Star Wars!

Photography by David Yeh

The Author: David Yeh

A long time fan of both Disney and Star Wars, he has a hard time resisting the temptations of Disney’s merchandising force. If you see pictures of the toys and pins, you can bet they are from Dave, our resident collecting guru.

Comments 3

    Dec 10, 2019

    thanks for the update. you have to love all these little details around the parks. is there a source showing us what the other coast’s names for the droids are? for an “in-universe” explanation for the name changes, maybe the droid’s original names are “R5” etc, and then jat kaa’s coolers gave them new names based on the company after buying them?

  2. Jim abell
    Dec 13, 2019

    Any word on if these carts/droids will get toy versions?

  3. David Yeh
    Dec 18, 2019

    That would be great but no word right now. We’ll send a note to the merchandise team.

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