Walt Disney Imagineering
Walt Disney Imagineering Playtests New Droids

DROIDS IN TRAINING! You might have seen a number of videos and pictures posted on Thursday, October 12, 2023 of several small bipedal droids walking around Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park in Anaheim. Many of you might be wondering when you can get your own glimpse of these droids, but unfortunately, it was just a 1-Day playtest conducted by Walt Disney Imagineering. But what it could mean in the future is open ended… and could lead to a lot more bigger things. Bigger than these droids anyway!

Disney Parks posted on X about the day, with Moritz Bacher, Associate Lab Director of Disney Research said, “So these droids in training, the robots actually learn to imitate artistic motion. That’s the secret sauce to make them work so quickly. They can actually emote, learn to dance, then they can get really angry and their eyes turn red, they walk over uneven terrain and they can still balance… they are really robust.”

Walt Disney Imagineering
Walt Disney Imagineering

You can learn more about the droids Walt Disney Imagineering cooked up with this video below….

So what do you think? Are you eager to meet what Imagineering team is cooking up?

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