Nathaniel Maloney
Death Star III

In the wake of the Battle of Endor, a pair of incomplete habitation spheres undergoing construction over Coruscant were seized by the warlord Ennix Devian, supreme commander of an Imperial remnant known as the Kaarenth Dissension. Routed to opposite ends of the galaxy, one of these hyperspace-capable worldcrafts was converted into a repair facility and shipyard hub to service Dissension ships hidden in the Spawn Nebula. The other was sent to the Moddell sector, where it would serve a more sinister purpose.

Unfinished worldcrafts already bore a striking resemblance to the Empire’s dreaded Death Star battle stations, and Devian decided to further the resemblance, converting the second habitation sphere into a mock “Death Star III”. In a sophisticated feint, this pseudo-battle station was sent to attack the temporary Alliance of Free Planets (the former Rebel Alliance) capital on the Forest Moon of Endor. With a little help from Star Tours Flight 45, the X-wings of Red Squadron destroyed this so-called third Death Star with a direct hit to its unprotected thermal exhaust port, a fatal flaw it shared with the first Death Star.

However, this was all part of a costly diversion on Devian’s part, one that allowed Dissention forces to stealthily hijack countless warships from neighboring Alliance shipyards while the threat of a purported third Death Star loomed over Endor. Nevertheless, much of this new fleet was consumed by the fiery demise of the Spawn Nebula worldcraft, courtesy of a New Republic infiltration team.

Nathaniel Maloney
Nathaniel is a former contributor to EndorExpress.