Brian Curran
Imagineering creates a Star Wars Studio for Disneyland

Walt Disney Imagineering has given Scott Trowbridge (WDI Research & Development team vice president) a project to create new theme park attractions and experiences based on the Star Wars franchise. A new dedicated studio has been created just for Star Wars theme park attractions for all parks. Scott will be project leader for the Disneyland Resort and has been given a bigger budget for new rides, shows and attractions. Scott was the Senior Show Producer for the Amazing Adventures of Spider-man ride at Universal Studios Florida. He also worked on Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride, The Simpsons: The Ride and did early development work for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


Concept Art from Disneyland Paris ©Disney/Lucasfilm

Paul Hruby
Paul has been obsessed with Star Wars ever since being dragged by a friend to see a new movie where “things blow up in space!” Since then, he has been collecting and customizing Star Wars figures and ships. His other love is Disneyland and he looks for any excuse to go. He enjoys the atmosphere and rides the parks is famous for. Finally, he enjoys weekend excursions to Endor but wishes that Disney would finally install an experienced pilot droid so he could actually GET to Endor for once.