Toy Story Parking Lot opens

To help the always crowded Mickey & Friends parking garage at the Disneyland Resort. The new Toy Story Parking Lot opened over the weekend.

I went to Disneyland on friday and got to park in the new Toy Story parking lot. It’s pretty nice for a parking lot. They have a covered area where you wait for the bus. The buses are skinned with toy story mania ads and say parking for Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear. As you wait in line for the bus, cast members offer to sell you tickets to the park. The buses are standard city buses inside and they fill them up as much as they can. They are not as comfortable as the touring buses the other parking lots have but its faster to get to the plaza than parking at Mickey & Friends parking structure and taking the tram. Lots of executives and managers were in the parking lot making sure things went smoothly. They were training the bus drivers on routes so we took a completely different route leaving as coming in. There is no waiting for buses. Disney had at least five buses lined up at all times waiting for passengers. The bus drivers were very nice and happy to be there.

Check out this cool story in the OCRegister about how at least 15 laid-off Bus Drivers were hired to shuttle guests to and from the Disney Theme Parks to the new parking lot.

Photos below by David Yeh

Paul Hruby
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