Disneyland Paris looks ahead!
New announcements on 32th birthday.

On the 32nd birthday of the opening of Disneyland Park, Disneyland Paris offered fans and media a glimpse of what’s to come in the coming years to the French resort.

First up: the rebranding of the Walt Disney Studios Park to Disney Adventure World! A brand new name for the resort that will launch with the opening of the World of Frozen. An exact opening date has not been released yet.


A quick primer on the second gate in Disneyland Paris. By many it is seen as the worst park that Disney ever built. The relatively low-cost park “celebrating the world of filmmaking”, used massive concrete studio buildings and concrete flooring as a quick and budget-friendly way of opening a second gate. Later expansions tried to shake off the bad name.

Kris Van de Sande Walt Disney Studios Park Entrance 2014

Just like the overhaul of Disney California Adventure, a massive two billion investment of the Walt Disney Studios Park was announced to completely overhaul the park to a fully-featured park. This 2018 announcement led to the the creation of Avenger’s Campus (opened in 2022) and “other experiences” including the World of Frozen. The concept art also showed parts of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but ever since the opening of Avenger’s Campus, Disney has been mum on this part of the expansion.

With the earlier change of Backlot to Avenger’s Campus, Toon Studio to Worlds of Pixar and now the overhaul of Studio 1, the bottleneck entrance building, it was clear that Disney wanted to step back from the theme of filmmaking and leave the backstage world of Tinseltown behind. This is not an illogical change as earlier changes were also made to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Though it doesn’t completely mean leaving the world of movies behind. Instead of seeing how the movie was made, you now walk into this world with the first section of the park become the “World Premiere”.

Disney World Premiere area concept art

The updated entrance area will emit the vibe of a “contemporary open-air movie studio” where guests are then invited into a “glamorous film premiere in the heart of Hollywood on a starry night“. Where the current record of Studio 1 shows the workings of a soundstage, it will now pay homage to the historic movie theatres in Hollywood. This building will reopen Spring 2025.


Once guests have passed the World Premiere, the new “World Premiere Plaza” will direct them to the theatres in an Art Deco setting, or the brand new promenade to the new lake called Adventure Way. Opening there will be a new character meet& greet restaurant called The Regal View Restaurant and Lounge, as well as a new teacups ride called Raiponce Tangled Spin.


Across the lake lies the previously announced World of Frozen.


For this upgrade, 112.000 trees will be planted across the expansions and developments.

Also coming to the new Disney Adventure World will be a new Alice in Wonderland BXM stunt-show and a ‘Nighttime Activation’ at Avenger’s Campus featuring projections, music and special effects.


Next on the list: resorts. The bungalow park Disney Davy Crockett Ranch will get an upgrade with a gradual update of its 595 bungalows. Starting this year the renovation aims to bring a “modern and comfortable experience for guests”. The bungalows will be decorated with Disney characters such as the Junior Woodchucks, together with Donald Duck and friends.

Disney Village

Disney Disney Wonders Concept Art
Disney Disney Wonders Concept Art

Shopping district Disney Village is also in the middle of a transformation. A new concept art visual was released showing the rebranding of the Disney Store to Disney Wonders. This store, still “under study” will be the home to all Disney franchises. “Part of the store will feature a seasonal range of products, in line with the resort’s celebrations or the latest Disney film releases.”. Also the concept art show the kinetic statues from the 30th Anniversary which are currently still on display around the Central Hub in Disneyland Park.

Disney Concept art for the new fashion & lifestyle store

Disney Fashion and the Disney Gallery will merge and be transformed into a large lifestyle stop with ready-to-wear clothing, jewellery, accessories, and new collaboration pieces.

Disney Disney Homeware Store Concept Art

Disney Fashion Jr. will become a Disney homeware shop, a segment that currently was not yet present in Paris. Concept art shows it to be a comparable shop to Disney Home at Downtown Disney. All these stores will close in May and will reopen end of 2024.

The LEGO store will also see a major upgrade and will remain in its current location.


These announcements are only part of what has been rumoured, and nothing has been announced for the park that is celebrating its 32nd birthday, and hasn’t seen groundbreaking of a new attraction since 1995’s Space Mountain opened.

More announcements are expected at the upcoming D23 event.

Kris Van de Sande
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