Star Tours 2 In 2008?

This week, several websites have reported variations of an unsubstantiated rumor that Anthony Daniels confided to fans at a comic book convention that he’d just completed filming digital footage for Star Tours 2, and the revised ride should open by next year.

But according to Lucasfilm’s Steve Sansweet, the report should NOT be believed…

While we here at would LOVE to see Star Tours get upgraded with new destinations– thus fulfilling George Lucas’ original intent of a reprogrammable software-based thrill ride– we’ve seen the persistent ‘Star Tours 2′ rumor too many times to be anything but cautious.

Our own Brian Curran spoke to Anthony Daniels in person at Star Wars Celebration IV, on the subject of Star Tours. It seemed very curious that no such Star Tours 2 announcement was made, formal or informal, at the biggest gathering of Star Wars fans in the universe, which occurred just days before the alleged comic convention revelation.

We sought some corroboration of the rumor from a reliable source, and this is the response we received:

There is absolutely no truth to a made-up posting that Anthony Daniels said anything about a new Star Tours movie, because there is no new Star Tours movie in the works. Why anyone would believe anonymous claptrap like this is beyond my comprehension. Lucasfilm and Disney have said before that they hope someday to revise the Star Tours experience, but that day has not yet arrived. We’ll let you know when it does.

Steve Sansweet
Director of Content Management & Head of Fan Relations
Lucasfilm Ltd.

The most realistic time estimates of a Star Tours 2 revision that we’ve heard yet come from a recent Al Lutz report at Although the article was filled with maybe’s and possibly’s, the new timeline estimates the addition of Star Wars Weekends in Anaheim ‘around’ 2009, followed by drastic updates to Star Tours Tokyo. Then Bob Iger will oversee updates to the Anaheim Star Tours (as well as all of Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, and Disney’s California Adventure, too) … but this plan is tentatively scheduled to occur over the next FOUR YEARS. Which means it could be 2011 before a Star Tours 2 debuts.

Stay tuned to for the most reliable Star Tours information in the galaxy!

Alex Newborn
Alex is a lifelong fan of the Star Wars movies and everything Disney, so his obsession with Star Tours comes as no surprise. Born in 1970, Alex visited Walt Disney World for the first time in 1975, and saw the original Star Wars film in its first theatrical run in 1977. He returned to Disney in the 80’s and the 90’s… riding STAR TOURS (twice!) on one fateful day in 1991. He has yet to visit Disney in the new millennium, waiting for both his children to be the required 40″ tall to ride STAR TOURS. “What I’d really like to see is a Tour chartered for the planet New Bornalex,” says Alex with a smile. The planet, mentioned first in Cloak of Deception, is a Tuckerization of Alex’s name, an honor bestowed on him in print by author Jim Luceno. Alex is currently at work on a partial realisation of his childhood Disney-in-miniature wish– he is constructing a hyper-accurate 1:18 scale Star Tours diorama to showcase his collection of park-exclusive action figures. In the meantime, Alex is always on the lookout for more STAR TOURS video or audio files, and other STAR TOURS memoribilia. Alex also is our site’s researcher, and comes with never seen before goodies, for your entertainment. Give him a round of applause guys.