Kris Van de Sande
“Star Tours Origins” Tribute recreates classic Star Wars ride

As the original Star Tours celebrates it’s 25th anniversary, independent filmmaker Gregory Noacco has recreated Captain Rex’ first flight for all to enjoy. Once again board the Starspeeder 3000’s flight to the moon of Endor “where you can spend the day with the lovable ewoks in their charming tribal villages.”

Gregory has changed a few things from the original version in his tribute. “I’ve also added a new version of the “Safety Warning” (with ROX-N as the speakbot), as well as new animations for the “Star Tours” jingle, and all the transition from the waiting area to the starspeeder.”

Enjoy! and let us & Gregory know what you think of his amazing tribute…

2D Version:

3D Version:

Starspeeder 3000 commercial:

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