Kris Van de Sande


A conical-headed astromech droid, R2-D7 works on StarSpeeder 3000s aboard Star Tour’s Tomorrowland Starport. It also operates the Inventory Droid Assistant’s track control to bring replacement parts from inventory to the starport’s Droidnostics Center. However, the I.D.A. seems to have a mind of its own, and both R2-D7 and their Mon Calamari supervisor have a hard time getting it to work.



Behind the scenes

Some of the information for this droid comes from a Japanese ‘Spot The Droid’ poster. Translated for EndorExpress by Martin Thurn.

In 2002, an action figure of R2-D7 was released as part of the Disney Parks exclusive Star Wars: Star Tours toy line. However, it was misidentified as R4-M9, an astromech droid from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope whose Power of the Jedi action figure the former was recolored from.


Nathaniel Maloney
Nathaniel is a former contributor to EndorExpress.